Fiber Artist : „je tricote, donc je suis. Je suis, donc je tricote“ *


*I knit, therefore I am. I am, therefore I knit

Madame Tricot’s work is focused on knitting
and less on crocheting

Knitting versus Crocheting

Only knitting allows the creation of a smooth skin-like surface.
Crocheting is commonly used for sculptures, because it allows the creation of every detail precisely and easily,
but it has the disadvantage of producing always the same rough pattern.
On the other hand, with knitting there is the possibility to change the pattern and to adapt it to the desired effect.
The combination of crocheting with knitting gives you unbounded possibilities to realise very realistic works.
Additionally, a carefully chosen yarn improves the realistic representation of the objects.
Every object is free-style knitted (without a pattern and without counting the stitches) and also seamless.
Every Item is unique.